A New Favorite

Everybody has favorites.

I’m not talking children here.

Maybe it’s a favorite restaurant. Or a favorite outfit, or a movie you can watch over and over.

As a photographer, some of my shots capture my attention more than others. There is something about them, whether it’s the subject, the lighting or the angle that makes one photo stand out more than another.

Here are my latest favorites (click to enlarge):



I was walking my dog near a boat ramp one recent misty morning. The air was still, the area was quiet and the lake was like glass. Even the lone kayaking fisherman in this shot was barely moving. The last thing I wanted to do was upset the calm, and possibly scare away the fish. I quietly pulled out my phone, activated the camera and lined up the shot.

Every time I look at this photo, I re-experience the silence; I feel the cool, damp mist on my cheeks and remember the haunting look of the grey-shrouded cliffs in the distance.

Peace comes to mind, and I like peace.

Wishing you peace today as you enjoy some of your favorite things.



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