Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

What better way to highlight some recent photos than within a Daily Prompt?

I’m toying with the idea of starting a Twitter feed, Facebook page or Instagram account titled, I Changed My Mind (#ichangedmymind), showcasing items found out of place while shopping in grocery and department stores. I imagine a digital space where others can share their images of consumer goods displaced from their natural habitat, and where we can all have a good laugh.

I find it amusing when I run across a steak stashed on a shelf in the dairy aisle, or children’s clothes carelessly tossed between stacks of toilet paper rolls. I have actually seen meat left on dry goods aisles.

Can you tell I frequently shop at Walmart?

Who knows, maybe I will pursue that idea at a later date. In the meantime, here is my contribution to Second Thoughts:

Children’s book on a juice display
Decorative child’s pillow on top of an office chair display.
Stuffed animal looking sad on the water aisle.
Whatever this is in the athletic clothing section.

There appears to be a common thread running through all of these pictures: items for children left in non-toy, non-children’s sections. So we either have a parent who nixed their child’s request for a new stuffed animal (pillow, book) and just placed it on the nearest fixture, or a child who got tired of carrying their latest prized possession.

Whatever the reason, none of these people took the time to return these items to their proper departments.

God bless the store associates who work in recovery, because they have to deal with people’s Second Thoughts every day. 🙂


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