Birds Watching

We have some pretty spectacular sunrises and sunsets in central Texas. The sky turns cotton candy blues, pinks and purples; sherbet-y shades of yellow, orange and raspberry or striking hues of red and burnt orange.

I love to stop, take a deep breath and drink it all in when I have the chance. If I can capture the image with a camera, even better!

When I was taking the trash out one morning, the sun was dawning with the hint of a clear, mild day. I ran in to grab my camera and when I looked to the east, I noticed this array of birds flying in to take a spot on the phone lines. What struck me is how they were all looking to the east also. I watched as various birds jostled for position, sometimes knocking their feathered compatriots to lower wires, wrangling over the best vantage point to watch the day break.

I snapped several shots of the birds and the sunrise. Once the sun fully broke the horizon, these guys flew off, apparently satisfied with the colorful event. What a great way to start the day!

I fully expected them to return at sunset, turn toward the west and watch the big ball in the sky change the day into night.

Enjoy the start (and end) of your day. Blessings! 😉


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