New Horizon – Fly Free

New Horizon

“I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea; fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me…” 

~ Fly Like An Eagle (1976) The Steve Miller Band

This photo is not of an eagle. It’s a buzzard, and they aren’t pretty birds.

But when they soar high above the ground, gliding on invisible currents, these scavengers are beautiful nonetheless. They are free and living in the moment, enjoying the environment they were created to inhabit.

There is a wake of buzzards (yes- that’s what a group of buzzards or vultures are called!) that roost near a dam at a Central Texas lake. When you drive over the dam, with the lake on one side and a river-valley  basin with canyons on the other, you can see 10-20 or more of these birds soaring, gliding and swooping as they survey the area. It’s truly a wonderful sight to behold!


(A portion of the wake at what I have dubbed “Buzzard Island” 🙂  )

Sometimes I feel a sense of jealously, more like a deep longing, to be as free and unencumbered as the birds I see.

So for me, this is the New Horizon I am seeking: more peace, more freedom and the ability to soar in the Spirit, at one with the Creator ❤

Blessings to everyone longing for their new horizon– I hope you reach it!



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