Remnants from a life gone by…

There is something about old barns, farms and horse stalls. They call out to me, saying, “Stop. Take the shot.”, which is what I always try to do.

This particular abandoned cattle stall and well is located near a newly finished road. This road now intersects & connects 2 other fairly new roads (within the past 7 years) that run north & south.

This used to be farm & ranch country for miles. Civilization is now encroaching on acres and acres of converted farmland, turning it into neighborhoods with streets, schools, churches and retail space. The evidence of past agrarian use is fading, and this parcel of land is slated for change, too.

I’m sure it was inviting in it’s heyday, utilized primarly for cattle, corn and cotton, but it still holds a haunting beauty for me.



One thought on “Remnants from a life gone by…

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