The Doves have returned

In the spring of last year, we had a couple of doves take over an abandoned nest in our front yard. Mom would spend all day in the nest while dad would stand guard from the ridge-line of our roof.

I had the pleasure of seeing the chick grow and move from the nest to our lawn, then learn to fly to a nearby fence. After a short period of time, they flew off for the summer and that was all she wrote.

I was tempted to remove the nest from the tree and incorporate it into my natural-themed Christmas decorations this past year, but decided it was best to leave it for some new occupants.

Two weeks ago, mom & pop dove returned …I think. It’s hard to tell if these are the former tenants or new lessors.

As I was snapping pictures of mom in the nest, dad flew down to the street, just to let me know he’s watching. I do not want to cause stress for the parents to be, so just a few shots:



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