Rise/Set On the Same Street


The 1st image is a sight I see many mornings. When I walk out through my front door and look to the east, I usually see a group of birds gathered on the phone lines. They are facing east, too. This always makes me smile. Even the birds like to see the sunrise at the start of the day 🙂

The other shot is what I see when I look to the west. The sunsets in Central, Texas are so beautiful. The cotton-candy colors are just the right way to end a day.

4 thoughts on “Rise/Set On the Same Street

  1. I attended a music of the environment workshop last night – and we had to make music to represent words – e.g. sunset… I wonder what music those birds make? Both using their beautiful singing voices, but also, by using the blackened silhouette’s as music notes or symbols. May I save your picture for use in my classroom?


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