Church Bells & Cross

One of our side tours in Jerusalem was to a Greek Orthodox Monastery on the Mount of Olives. The entrance is gated with iron fencing topped with barbed wire all around.

I loved the nun who led us around the grounds and shared the history of the small monastery, with its sometimes violent and tragic past. She was feisty and down-to-earth as she spoke in rapid Greek, which she considerately slowed down so those of us who aren’t fluent could follow along.

Inside the fence stood this little metal representation of the monastery & church. I’m not sure if it had a more significant purpose than just being purely decorative.

Small scale model of the monastery.

I tried to get a full shot photo of the flags but the wind was not cooperating.

The Greek Flag with what I’m guessing is a Christian flag.

The bell tower & cross looked beautiful in the light.

Bell steeple & cross

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