Father & Son Moment

I loved being in the Old City of Jerusalem. The history, coupled with the knowledge that I was walking in the steps of countless others who have trod these narrow streets over a period of 3000 years was mind-boggling.

It could get overwhelming & claustrophobic at times. It’s easy to get lost among the crowd of tourists, or by taking a wrong turn and becoming separated from your group. Our guide instructed us to ask for directions to the Jaffa Gate if we became lost, as our tour bus would be out on the street at the designated time.

As my mom and I made our way back to the Jaffa Gate, we stopped at a little shop to purchase water & some dried fruit. She sat down for a bit and I looked through my camera lens searching for images that would capture a slice of life in this ancient city. Here is one of my favorites:

Father & son at Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem

I don’t know if these two are residents of Jerusalem, whether they are Israeli, or if they were touring the Old City as I was. I just liked that this dad & son found a place to hang out together and check their phones or tablets. I imagine dad had to help his son up to the ledge, which made me wonder how many times a similar scene has been repeated throughout the millennia.

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