Facade Door

This building, or what’s left of it, has intrigued me since I first saw it 3 years ago.

It looks like a cross between a Spanish style hacienda & a medieval castle. The only thing that remains is a facade across the front with a view to an empty courtyard…maybe. The property has no trespassing signs posted, so I could only take photos from the road.

Facade Door

Saturday Drive 2

After getting some shots of clear running streams and bathing bovines, I decided to stop and shoot a photo I have wanted to capture every time I drive past this spot.

I love the beauty of ruined structures. The crumpled walls of buildings long past their prime always manage to pique my imagination. Who lived there? How long ago? Why was it allowed to fall into decay?

On this day, I was doubly blessed to find some ponies had wandered near the lone wall, nibbling on wildflowers and grass.

Horses near Ruins

Wild Horses

Building in Ruins

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