Historic Cemetery

On a small parcel of land just south of Nolan Creek, sits a no-longer-utilized cemetery. This historical jewel is across the street from some very modest, mid-20th century (or earlier) homes.

Thankfully a group of people recognized its value and had it designated a state historical site. Within the rusty gated confines of its boundaries lie a veteran of the War of 1812, men who fought in the Indian Wars, the War for Texas Independence, the Mexican War & the Civil War, along with some of the early residents of Bell County. This cemetery wasn’t used much after 1878, when the area chose another section of land north of Nolan Creek, close to the Leon River.

One of the things that so intrigues me about this site is the state of semi-decay it has been left in – – like it has been frozen in time.

Please don’t misunderstand. The ground is mowed and the area is clean, but it does not have the pristine lawn of a commercial cemetery, nor the uniform beauty of a veterans memorial cemetery. Time-weathered gravestones have been left where wind, erosion & age have caused them to fall. Some headstones are only rock, with all the inscription worn away. Iron-fencing around family plots has rusted, contributing to the aged patina of the site, which for me makes it only more photographically intriguing.

I hope you won’t find the subject matter morbid. For me, it expresses a hint of the grace and struggle we all experience as sojourners on the earth.


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